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Wellbeing Wardrobe: A Guide to Post Workout Style

Wellbeing Wardrobe: A Guide to Post Workout Style

Your workout is over. Well done, you did it again. Endorphins are still circulating and you’d like to make the most of that dewy skin with a look that flatters. Loop knows that comfort and character go hand-in-hand so there’s no need to miss an opportunity to shine in athleisure. Here are some ideas for dressing between home and the gym, or pool, or studio.

The Practicalities

Activated muscles and a dropping temperature should be suitably dressed. If it’s a little chilly, we recommend popping on a ribbed beanie. We lose much of our heat from our head after all. Our knitted hats come in a variety of colours, ranging from navy (a staple that will undoubtedly work with your workout wear), to bright orange and neutrals.

While we’re talking warmth, you’ll need an insulating top layer with a relaxed fit. Our hoodies offer a sporty aesthetic with their semi cropped length you can show off the top beneath.   And of course they're made from sumptuous cashmere, so they go beyond sporting good looks to introduce a luxe leisurewear vibe that your yoga outfits (and buddies) will appreciate. Our Midnight Blue and Foggy Grey options are both timeless and refined.

Colour-lovers will be drawn to our cropped cashmere sweaters. They come in colour-of-the-moment Peachy, Cherry Pink and sharper shades of blue that you’ll be able to mix and match with printed leggings and the like – perfect for creating that electric activewear palette. Sportswear is your chance to be bold. It’s a chance we seldom take in other areas of dress, so have as much fun as you can.

Unexpected Stops

It happens to the best of us – we intended to go straight home but we find ourselves running a quick errand. Fortunately, in Loop, this won’t be a problem because you’ll look amazing, even in your after-gym ensemble. Our soft knit trousers have a wide leg that’s easily slipped over workout leggings. Pair these with a matching sweater and suddenly you have an intentional (and attractive) outfit. On the other hand, our lace neck hoodies will enhance your look with a straight-up activewear vibe and the luxurious slant of soft cashmere.

Styling Tips

Dial up the activewear appeal with clever styling. Tie your sweater around your shoulders or waist for later. This is particularly handy if you’re going to an evening pilates class for instance, and you need something chunkier to keep warm on the way home.

Wear matching tones to exude as much elegance as you do sportiness. Combined with a gym bag that doubles as a casual all-rounder tote, this look is a continuation of your wardrobe rather than a standalone situation with a specific purpose.

Slouchy leather bags are a departure from the expected nylon carriers, as are styles with sophisticated metallic accents rather than mesh inserts.

Add a cap too – an understated option in block colour that you can use to highlight the other hues in your look.

Shoes maketh the outfit, of course. If you switch your gym trainers for a pair of trendy street sneakers you’ll immediately feel less like you’re in transit and more like this is just your go-to mood. We recommend a pair of pale New Balance sneakers for their faithful elegance, or some low top Converse for an iconic yet rebellious feel.

Let us know if you have any tips for us. Did we nail everyday in-transit dressing?

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