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Cashmere Uncovered

Want to understand the difference between gauge and ply, know your lofty weight from your heavy weight? We uncover the art & science that goes into every garment from strand to style.......

The natural properties of cashmere help to add a little luxury every day, but it's the skilled craftsmanship which elevates these natural properties into the quality, beautiful cashmere you'll want to wear time and time again. Our cashmere offers unbeatable softness, quality and style to your everyday wardrobe. Below are some of the fantastic properties of cashmere, which helps make it so special.


The artisanal methods used to create our cashmere ensure that only the long finest fibres are selected. The exact length and fineness is specified and meticulously tested to ensure our quality is maximised and maintained over time. Our fibre is sustainably sourced so you can be sure it's as gentle on the planet and the people in it, as it is on your skin.


Our seasonal colours are carefully chosen to complement your wardrobe. The carefully selected cashmere fibres are dyed prior to being spun, in order to achieve the perfect depth of colour with as few processes as possible. It's all about taking the right, considered steps to achieve the best outcome.


We deliberately design our cashmere to work in your wardrobe year round, so you get the most wear from your investment. We cover gauges and ply in more detail below, these are the more technical ways to explain how the garment is knitted, how thick the garment is and the properties of our cashmere.  To keep things simple we knit in different weights

Fine - this is our finest sheerest cashmere perfect, we use it for a capsule of summer styles for the warmest of days.

Lofty - this is a soft and cloud like weight cashmere, which makes for timeless classics that can live in your wardrobe for years to come, if looked after properly. This weight is perfect for year round wear, most of our sweaters, accessories and cardigans are knitted in this weight. Our lofty blanket scarf and cropped sweatshirt our best sellers in this weight.

Heavy - thicker and more bouncy this is our most luxurious weight.  It takes a lot of cashmere to make these garments, which is reflected in the price.  These are the forever pieces you keep and cherish.  Cabled knits and luxurious ribbed coatigan showcase this weight beautifully.

Gauges & Ply

We choose the perfect gauge and ply to make every style in the collection look and feel incredible. 

Ply and gauge work together to determine the thickness and overall quality of the fabric.
Ply is the number of cashmere threads twisted together to make the yarn.
Two twisted threads are referred to as 2-ply, and three twisted threads are referred to as 3-ply, etc. Higher plies, such as 4-ply add additional weight and warmth.
Gauge refers to the number of stitches or rows per inch and is a measure of how tightly the item is knitted. The higher the gauge number, the tighter the knit and denser the feel giving more structure. Conversely, fabrics with a lower gauge, or fewer stitches per inch, tend to be more open and airy, with a looser, more relaxed drape.
All over cashmere is designed for year round wear and can comfortably be worn indoors and outdoors and even layered on the coldest days to keep you extra cosy.

Cashmere requires a little love to keep it looking as beautiful as the day you bought it.  Read our cashmere care guide 

We have built sustainability into the heart of Loop, find our more about our sustainability story here