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Cashmere Coatigans

Immerse yourself in our cashmere coatigans, where each garment is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship. These beautifully understated coatigans are easy to wear, go with everything, and look absolutely effortless. Made from the finest sustainable cashmere, our coatigans are a loose and lightweight alternative to a full coat or a cashmere cardigan.

A cashmere coatigan is a beautiful investment you’ll reach for every season.

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Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in SnowRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Snow
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in ToffeeRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Toffee
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in BlackRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Black
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in Ballet PinkRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Ballet Pink
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in Foggy GreyRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Foggy Grey
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in Midnight BlueRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Midnight Blue
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in GingerRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Ginger
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in Canyon GreyRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Canyon Grey
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in Cypress GreenCypress Green Coatigan
Cashmere Cable Coatigan in Natural WhiteCashmere Cable Coatigan in Natural White
Cashmere Cable Coatigan in Natural White Sale price£419.00 Regular price£599.00
Ribbed Cashmere Coatigan in StripedRibbed Cashmere Coatigan in Striped





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