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our commitment to a sustainable world

At LOOP. we aim to improve people’s well-being & positive thinking by proposing thoughtfully-crafted, stunning quality cashmere pieces that will stand the test of time. The name Loop. was carefully chosen to convey our expertise in knitwear, our caring approach and our determination to make responsible decisions every time we can.

We promote excellence, integrity, longevity and care - a path to mindful consumption.

Explore how we are dedicated to contributing to a more sustainable world for our products, suppliers, and customers.


The foundation of the Loop collection is rooted in the
highest quality craft and longevity. We are devoted to producing responsibly.

Our objective is to continue to be an ethical brand by responsibly sourcing materials and sharing ways to extend the lifespan of our products.

100% Sustainably Sourced Yarn

We chose Consinee as our cashmere yarn supplier not only for the yarn's quality and softness, but also for their ongoing dedication to auditing and maintaining high standards across the supply chain. The decision to pay a premium reflects our commitment to ethical and sustainable practices at every stage of the supply chain.

By working with small batches, we are able to minimise waste and create yarn that is not only beautiful but also made to last. Our commitment to quality and sustainability shines through, allowing you to choose cherished pieces with confidence.

Our commitment to quality and craftsmanship is unwavering. By dyeing the raw fibre before spinning it into yarn, we guarantee that the depth of colour remains as vivid as the day you first purchased it. This meticulous process ensures that the colours are true and long-lasting, so you can enjoy your creations for years to come.


Consinee holds prestigious and internationally recognised accreditations from The International Co-operation Committee on Animal Welfare,
the Sustainable Fibre Alliance, and The Good Cashmere Standard.

These accreditations focus on improving the well-being of goats, farmers, and communities on cashmere farms through a detailed set of sustainable production criteria. Independent auditors regularly assess compliance with these criteria. Alongside this, Consinee conducts its own internal audits and training to ensure farm practices align with ethical and sustainable standards.

Skilled Artisans

Making thoughtful and ethical decisions extends beyond
ourselves. We prioritize enduring partnerships with suppliers.  At Loop, we are committed to promoting sustainability and longevity, collaborating closely with our skilled suppliers and artisans.  Our pieces are crafted in Mongolia, near the yarn source. The skilled artisans we collaborate with prioritize sustainability and implement eco-friendly practices.

Our factory is a hub of innovation and productivity, where skilled workers come together to bring ideas to life and ethical making is put first.

The factory is accredited by the Sustainable Fibre Alliance & Global Organic Textile Standard.

They have an on-site water treatment facility to recycle all water used during manufacturing.

The team actively plant trees to counterbalance carbon emissions, planting 30 trees per 1 tonne of CO2.

They grow vegetables on site to feed the team that expertly make our pieces.

We craft batches of less than twenty pieces per style to minimise waste, which supports our efforts to promote a sustainable future.


Environmental impact is considered in our packaging when we prepare your orders to be shipped to your home. Today, 95% of our packaging and labels are recyclable or compostable, with low or no water usage in the printing process which saves 80 litres of water per metre of print. We are dedicated to aligning the remaining 5% of our packaging with these standards by 2025.


Part of what makes cashmere so sustainable is it's long
wearing nature.  When cared for correctly cashmere can last a lifetime, only getting softer with each wash and wear. 

We aim to help our community of customers and friends of the brand by providing a cashmere care, washing & storage guide.  We also sell cashmere combs, cashmere wash and mist, which can help keep your pieces looking and feeling as beautiful as the day they were bought, if not better.


We have also taken into account the journey of our products from us to your doorstep. We have carefully selected DPD, a our courier partner.  They prioritise environmental practices through their DrivingChange™ policy with a fleet of electric vehicles to minimise emissions.

In partnership with ThrIft+ we are working to close the loop and end fashion waste. Add a Thrift+ bag to your next order, clear out your wardrobe and leave the hassle to them. Fill up and send a Thrift+ Bag directly to them and they’ll sort, photograph, list, pack and ship your clothes. Earn credit to donate to charity, spend on Thrift+, or redeem on vouchers with retail partners.