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Dressing For Happiness

Dressing For Happiness

When we first came across the term ‘dopamine dressing’ we couldn’t help but smile. The idea of only wearing clothes that make us happy is exactly what we’re about. In our case, it’s not so much about rainbow brights (although we do like to incorporate pops of colour). It’s more about the absolute height of elegance, comfort, and sustainability – our pieces must be ‘feel good’ for us and for the planet.

Q: So, what exactly feels good for us here at Loop?

A: Versatility, simplicity, luxury, and comfort. For instance, layering with respect for hormonal shifts like perimenopause, being comfy while still looking cute and creative, and embracing specialness every single day. Cue the cashmere.

Fashion vs Style

Comfort may be a priority, but experimentation hasn’t left the building – and neither have trends. Loop is a champion of slow and sustainable fashion, enduring elegance and longevity are the names of our game. This doesn’t mean though that we don’t appreciate mixing it up. We love the trend for oversized proportions – so we’ll slip a slouchy knit on with some denim flares, baggy pleated chinos or softly tailored wide leg trousers. We may even add a pair of adidas Sambas – the comeback sneaker of the year so far.


When doing a wardrobe refresh think of trends as touchpoints, not anchors. High quality made-to-last pieces should always steer the ship.

Everyday Authenticity

Dressing is easy when there’s an end result in mind – like looking professional for work or being comfy for the school run. In the absence of a specific purpose, you could lose your style compass. In this case, our advice is to consider what 'sparks joy’ – as organiser extraordinaire Marie Kondo puts it.

We love the feeling of specialness that Loop pieces give us. We’ll call it ‘occasion cashmere’ – there isn’t an event in sight and yet our skin still gets the treat of a soft organic knit. Because we deserve it. This soft Mongolian cashmere sweater blended with silk is a Loop favourite. And its abstract animal pattern adds depth that enhances the natural yarns. Start with building blocks such as this and you’ll never feel like you’ve betrayed your sense of style with cheap tricks. And even better – you’ll have bypassed any fast fashion guilt by not contributing to the consumption of clothes that just don’t last. Our ethics are part of our authenticity, and Loop allows us to express our values in a very real (and stylish) way.



Layer Us Up

Layering doesn’t have to take on an after-hours feel. It can be both soft and structured. So many of us wear multiple hats and our core wardrobe pieces should reflect the flexibility needed in our lives. A blazer will bring a neat edge to an oversized knit, and soft knit trousers are great for errands, while being flattering.

There’s plenty of ways to play – different weights of knit create interesting dimension when combined. Textures like cable knits and mottled mélange and donegal effects introduce preppy or natural homespun feels.



One Tone Wonders

Monochrome isn’t back, it never left. Pairing pieces in the same shade is a first-class ticket to an elevated aesthetic. And you can be as playful or pared-back as you like. Buttery and oaty hues are an easier way to go matchy-matchy – and we like the subtlety of this pretty palette.

Pastels are also good. We love the idea of a light pink or lilac jumper with matching jeans.

Our ribbed coatigan in Snow or Toffee offers a great opportunity for layering up with similar shades. Match it to light shirts, denim, or leggings and even a neutral accessories in soft suede.


Happy? We are, and we’ll be dressing like it. Shop Loop for more feel-good cashmere and accessories.

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