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How To: Your Best Sleep Ever

How To: Your Best Sleep Ever

Maximising on sleep is our number one health and beauty secret. And not just any old shut-eye. We’re talking deep, restorative sleep that gives your body time to repair and makes space for your mind to have complete rest. We’ve gone ahead and done the hard work of researching the perfect sleep aids and evening routines, so you can, well…rest.

How Much Sleep is Enough?
'Early to bed and early to rise’ remains the gold standard here. The official recommendation is that all adults get between seven and nine hours a night, regardless of their gender. However, the hormonal fluctuations that come with menstruation, pregnancy, perimenopause and menopause can affect sleep quality. So, it’s best to listen to your body as adjust as required. Sleep disturbances are very common during these periods – give yourself an extra hour to make up for potential lost time spent tossing and turning. It’s been proven that PMS decreases melatonin, so consider this when setting your alarm. And perhaps get a melatonin supplement if your levels test really low.

Sleep Rituals
Planning for a good night’s sleep begins way before it’s time for bed. You’ll need to have your face washed, teeth brushed and your evening rituals done in time to give you a solid nine hours of actual sleep. The idea is to make bedtime something to look forward to. This way you won’t put it off with TV or scrolling. It’s not just ‘the end of the day’, it’s a slice of heaven waiting for your attendance. Sounds good right?

Goop’s Wellness editor Kelly Martin achieves this by making bedtime a luxurious concept.

A hot shower followed by her favourite skincare and a mini hair treatment do the trick. Also, a lovely cup of herbal tea is an essential punctuation to the day. “I like it with a little honey and a reishi tincture—it’s heavenly”, says Kelly. 

We would also recommend journaling in the evening . Pour your lingering thoughts onto the page so they don’t beg for your attention as you drift off.

Great Bedding & Luxurious Accessories
As champions of everything expertly-made and planet-friendly, we’ll be making sure that our bedding is part of our perfect sleep experience. Organic cottons will keep us cool and comfy. Plus, we’ll spend the last few moments of our waking time lounging in our sustainable cashmere socks, crafted from Grade A quality
Mongolian cashmere.

Lay your head on a silk pillowcase. Your face and hair will thank you for the lack of friction by retaining moisture. As your hair will be sliding across the fabric without getting snagged it won’t frizz or break as easily. We’ve also heard reports of smoothed wrinkles and smaller pores. Fantastic.

Good Sleep Gadgets
Preparing for bed with nervous system-soothing sleep aids is a high-tech way to perfect your sleep routine. Our research brought us to Nurosym , a wearable device that calms the vagus nerve. Endorsed by Harvard Medical School, Nurosym delivers small, targeted electrical impulses that improve Heart Rate Variability (HRV), a key indicator of our resilience to stress. Over time the device helps reverse chronic fatigue and improve mood. Don’t worry, you don’t feel a thing and the recommended usage time is just one hour a day. The reviews for better sleep are fantastic.

Ditch your smartphone alarm for a holistic solution. The Hatch Restore 2 alarm clock does so much more than wake you up. At bedtime it plays soothing sounds to relax you. The campfire setting is popular. ‘Forest birds’ and ‘morning singing bowl’ are among the wake-up sounds – so much gentler than the jarring pitches we’re used to. Set it to your desired waking time and it will emit the natural glow of sunrise, increasing over time. According to Hatch, “This gradual exposure to light prompts your brain to release cortisol, the hormone that cues your body to wake naturally and gently.” 83% of users say their sleep is so much better – we’re in!

Before bed it can be set to hues like lilac or warm white, so you can complete your rituals cocooned in comforting mood lighting – and our Cashmere Lofty Blanket Wrap.

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