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Preparing for Winter with Hygge

Preparing for Winter with Hygge

Winter is right around the corner, and we want to help you prepare for the cosy season! A great way to do this is to embrace the concept of Hygge.

What is Hygge?

Hygge is a Danish concept relating to a sense of cosiness and comfort. As well as feeling happiness, contentment, and simply a good wellbeing within everyday life. This relates most in the winter months, where you can wrap up warm and make your home feel extra-cosy. Think about enjoying the simple pleasures in life and being in the moment.
Here are just a few things you can do to prepare for winter whist embracing the art of Hygge:

1. Create a cosy home

Preparing your home for winter can be a great way to embrace the concept of Hygge, by creating a sanctuary of comfort. Decorating with fluffy blankets and pillows which you can easily curl up and watch a film with your loved ones. As well as being soft and warm, these add texture and colour to your house. Try decorating with neutral colours and soft, warm lighting. Finish off by bringing some greenery inside and adding house plants to various rooms.
Consider starting your Christmas decorations ahead of schedule this year, to really get into the spirit and embrace the feelings of joy, excitement, and warmth.

 2. Fires & candles

Making your home warm and cosy is all about Hygge. This is where the soft and warm lighting from candles and a fireplace can come in. If you have a fireplace, lighting a fire can get you in the mood for Christmas, on chilly winter evenings—especially when paired with a comforting cup of hot chocolate. Alternatively, candles will do just as well, the wonderful scent can fill your room and provide a touch of warmth, encouraging relaxation and mindfulness.


3. Winter wardrobe 

Make sure you’re wrapping up warm in winter to really embrace being Hygge. Create your winter wardrobe with essentials like cashmere jumpers, fluffy socks, long cardigans, scarves, and gloves. Our cashmere coatigans are just perfect for this, whether you’re sat relaxing at home or out running errands, you will always be warm.

 4. Winter meals with friends and family

Home cooking winter meals for your loved ones is a wholesome way to foster your connections, representing another aspect of Hygge. Host a relaxed dinner and enjoy your time spent with friends and family. Winter meals can be very comforting and warming.
Consider options such as, beef stew, chicken pie, any type of soup, sausage casserole, roast chicken, and many more. We recommend this nutritious and warming vegetable & lentil soup recipe —a perfect combination of healthiness and deliciousness.

 5. Get ahead of Christmas

Being prepared and organised for the Christmas period can help you feel less stressed and more mindful. Consider purchasing gifts and setting up decorations well in advance this year, avoiding any last-minute rushes. Allowing you to enjoy the holiday season and relax.


6. Embrace the Christmas period & get outside

Don’t let the cold stop you from getting outside. Hygge encourages going out to enjoying nature and finding a balance between indoor and outdoor activities, steering away from spending too much time on your phone. Consider going for a winter walk, going ice skating, or building a snowman. Just make sure to wrap up when you do! Our cashmere accessories will keep warm and toasty.
Preparing for winter with Hygge encourages us to embrace the season's chill with open arms. By creating a cosy sanctuary, surrounding ourselves with warmth and comfort, and savouring the simple pleasures of life, it allows us to make the most of the winter months.


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