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How to Store Cashmere

Properly storing your cashmere reduces the need to replace your cashmere clothes, and knowing the best way to store your cashmere sweaters and other garments will mean your cashmere stays in the very best condition. 

Should you fold or hang cashmere?

Cashmere is always best when folded and put away carefully. Hanging your cashmere items can affect their shape as the hanging causes the material to stretch. To avoid this, we would always advise that cashmere is folded. This is especially important if you are putting your cashmere away for a long period of time, for example, during the summer months. You can, of course, hang your cashmere sweaters or cardigans when preparing your outfit for the day ahead, but for any prolonged periods of storage, it should be folded.



How to store cashmere:

Whether you are putting your cashmere clothes away after wearing, or if they have been washed, these are our tried and tested tips to keep them in the best shape:


  1. Comb the cashmere first using a cashmere comb to remove any debris and maintain the texture of your knit
  2. Reshape the item by very gently pulling it into its original shape
  3. Lie on a flat surface and fold the sweater carefully
  4. Store in a drawer and away from sunlight
  5. If putting cashmere away for a long time, use a moth proof vacuum bag for secure storage


Other things to consider when storing cashmere:

  • When you fold your cashmere sweaters or, indeed, other cashmere items, use acid free tissue paper to prolong the colour and allow your clothes to breathe. 
  • Using cedar wood balls in your drawers will also prevent moths from destroying cashmere and has a fresh fragrance
  • If storage space is limited then an alternative to keeping cashmere in drawers is to fold it in half and put over a trouser hanger 
  • When storing cashmere scarves, gloves or hats you should still reshape and fold before storing away and avoid hanging on coat racks or hooks
  • Even after washing your cashmere, it should be laid flat to dry.