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Transitional Dressing: Winter to Spring

Transitional Dressing: Winter to Spring

As we are heading into Spring, it can be a challenging to seamlessly transition wardrobes from cozy Winter layers to light and bright Spring styles. Mastering this transition can be difficult due to the continuing cold weather and unpredictable forecasts. So here are a few tips to help you dress from Winter to Spring.

Layering is Key

Layering is an easy way to adapt to changing weather conditions. Start with winter essentials like a stylish coat or a warm cashmere cardigan, and gradually peel off layers as the day warms up. Consider experimenting with different lengths such as our cashmere coatigan, to mix up your outfits.

Pop of Colour

Say goodbye to the deep, dark hues of Winter and welcome the vibrant and pastel tones of Spring. Incorporate light and fresh colours into your wardrobe, such as soft pinks, warm greens, and sky blues to capture the essence of the changing season. Don't hesitate to mix and match Winter neutrals with Spring shades for a harmonious blend. Our cashmere sweaters collection has endless colour options – perfect to add some fun to your outfits as we head into Spring.

Lighter Jackets

Swap your heavy Winter coat for a lighter jacket that are perfect for the mild Spring weather. Opt for versatile pieces that can complement both Winter and Spring ensembles. Such as a stylish trench coat, a denim jacket, or a lightweight bomber can effortlessly elevate your look while providing just the right amount of warmth.

Versatile Fabrics

Invest in versatile fabrics such as cashmere, which is perfect for Winter warmth and Springtime freshness. This is because cashmere is lightweight and breathable, yet incredible warm and soft. Therefore, you can be comfortable throughout this transitional phase of the year.

Ditch the Boots

Bid farewell to the heavy boots of Winter and embrace lighter footwear options for the upcoming Spring. Swap out your boots for trainers or pumps. These versatile choices can easily bridge the gap between the cold and mild weather.

Finishing Touches with Accessories

During this in-between period, accessorising is the secret weapon of transitional dressing. Scarves, hats, and gloves can add warmth when needed, while statement sunglasses and jewellery can complement the Springtime vibes. Experiment with accessories to refresh your look and make a stylish statement. Cashmere accessories are especially ideal as they’re warm yet breathable, the perfect in-between.
Embrace the in-between season as we look forward to upcoming Spring and the warmth that comes with it.

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