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Powered by women

Powered By Women

 At Loop, over 80% of our team consists of empowered women who play a pivotal role in shaping our business. We also collaborate with highly skilled women who are dedicated to making positive changes at every stage of the process, from design to delivery, finance to photography; women are at the forefront and heart of our brand.

More than two thirds of our creative team and all of our design team, factory management team, marketing team and customer service team are women.

This International Women’s Day, we take a moment to recognise and celebrate the remarkable women we have had the pleasure of admiring, knowing, and working alongside. These women come from diverse backgrounds, pursuing their passions, and paving the way for future generations. Overcoming challenges in work and at home with humour, grace, and resilience.

“From the start, our aim has been to create well-crafted, wearable cashmere for women who are thoughtful and discerning. Our cashmere serves as their part of their daily armour as they go about their life, promoting a sense of well-being and a means to make a difference."

“There is nothing more personal and privileged than knowing that our cashmere is worn by women through the triumphs and challenges of their daily lives.”

International Women’s Day, celebrated on March 8th, originates from the feminist movements of the early 20th century. Officially recognised by the UN in 1996, it is now a global day to honour women's accomplishments.

It serves not only as a moment to celebrate women's ongoing efforts but also as a reminder of the progress made towards gender equality – and to acknowledge that women still encounter daily challenges such as the gender pay gap, patriarchal structures, family planning, period poverty, domestic abuse, and more.

Fortunately, your choices can have a real impact. Opting to support brands that empower women and promote diversity is a simple yet powerful step.

Every time we make a purchase, we are casting a significant vote in favour of the brands we choose to support. Our brand is built by women and designed with women at the forefront every step of the way.

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