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6 Packing Tips for Stress Free Travel

6 Packing Tips for Stress Free Travel

When considering what to pack for a holiday, some people find it fun, yet others find it stressful. We know it can be easy to under pack or overpack, but it is important to consider a few aspects. For example, how long you’re going for, the weather, the itinerary, and the luggage allowance. As someone who loves to travel, I hope these tips will help you as much as they did me.


 1. Make a List.

    This is the most important of all. Making a list will give you some visual of all the items you’re intending to bring, which you can easily go back to when you think of something you don’t want to forget.

    Also, ensure you check the list when physically packing as its common to miss the small things. Keep it in the notes section of your phone and you only need to do this once.  It’s also easy to revisit straight after the trip and reflect on what was useful or missing so you become a packing pro.

    Remember to pack accessories such as a cashmere scarf, just perfect to keep you warm on the plane, it can be worn as shawl or even used as a blanket, and rolls up to next to nothing so there is still plenty of space in your hand luggage for that great novel you’ve had on you reading list for months and a few luxury skincare treats to keep your skin hydrated in the dry cabin air.


    2. Start Early.

    Don’t make the common mistake of leaving packing to the last minute. To make the experience as relaxing as possible, its best to simply start early. Take your time and try to enjoy it as it builds the excitement of a trip away from home. Not to mention you will be less likely to forget anything.

    If you’re travelling with others, that extra bit of time can be used to ensure the weight is shared between bags.


    3. Space Saving Packing.

      One way to do this is rolling your clothes. This technique is a huge space saver and has the benefit of preventing wrinkles in your clothes as well.

      Another way to save space is by using packing cubes. Using different cubes for pre-planned outfits makes getting ready each day a breeze, and keeps clean and worn items separate, no more frantic searching through a chaotic case before breakfast.  Packing cubes are also useful if you spread clothing between cases to avoid the dreaded missing case drama, as they allow you to easily identify your items when unpacking.


       4. Mix and Match Outfits.

      Ensure you’re taking clothes that you can mix and match, try to stick to a colour palette of just a few tones that all work together to get maximum mileage out of a few pieces.  Items that can be worn in a variety of ways also give you endless style options.  No matter where I am headed, I always take a couple of pieces of cashmere with me.  Weather forecasts can change unexpectedly, so I always have something light and easy to layer like a cashmere cardigan to hand.



      5. Make the most out of your hand luggage.

      Choosing hand luggage that you will use on your holiday as well as for travelling is a useful way to save space. Valuables and heavy items can go in your hand luggage to allow more space to fit in your suitcase.



      6. Relax.

      Holidays are a wonderful experience. It gives you the opportunity to spend time with your loved ones, take part in different activities, and learn about different places and cultures. Make time to relax, even in face of unexpected stress like a flight delay or a lost piece of luggage, packing doesn’t need to be an added stress. Following our tips will ensure looking good is one less thing on the to do list, so you can concentrate on feeling good.


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