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Cashmere vs. Cotton: Which is Best?

Cashmere vs. Cotton: Which is Best?

Cashmere is known for its luxurious look and feel, but it’s also known for having a price tag that is usually higher than many other material alternatives, which has many people wondering about cashmere vs. organic cotton. Just how different are the two, and is cashmere worth the money? Let’s find out...


Is Cashmere Warmer than Cotton?

One of the many wonderful characteristics of cashmere is its fantastic insulation properties. A luxurious cashmere knit is sure to keep you cosy in winter, with the added benefit of also making sure you don't feel overly warm or itchy, unlike many other materials. It’s natural properties are pretty magical, actually! Cashmere is brilliant for regulating your body temperature. The reason why cashmere is so warm, is that it comes from the undercoat of a Kashmir Goat, which grows a thick layer of insulating cashmere to keep itself warm from low freezing Himalayan temperatures.

Cotton, on the other hand, is a material more often associated with a summer wardrobe. It’s naturally lightweight and cool, and unlikely to keep you as warm and cosy as your cashmere. However, some thicker cotton garments are designed for cooler temperatures to help keep you cosier in winter. You can assess the warmth of an item based on its weight!


Which is better during the summer?

Lighter cotton garments are undeniably suitable for warm temperatures due to the breathability and moisture wicking properties of cotton, and it's brilliant material to source for your holiday wardrobe. However, Cashmere is still a great wardrobe staple to enjoy all year round and certainly not a material to hide away until winter! Although cashmere is great for keeping you warm, it is also lightweight and breathable, which means it can help to prevent you from getting too warm during spring and summer. A light cashmere knit is a great addition to your wardrobe during warmer months, but let’s be honest, there will always be days where you need your winter knits too! 


Which is softer?

Cotton is a naturally light and fluffy fibre, which makes it nice and soft, particularly when it comes to bed sheets! That being said, cashmere comes out on top when it comes to the cashmere vs cotton softness scale. Cashmere is softer to touch and much more gentle on the skin, with a justified reputation of being one of the softest fibres on the market. You’re very unlikely to experience irritation when wearing a cashmere garment, whereas short cotton fibres can move and cause irritation for sensitive skin.


Which lasts longer? 

A very important question when it comes to making an investment into your wardrobe: which item will last longer, your cashmere sweater or your cotton jumper? Cashmere fibres are extremely durable, which means that your cashmere garments are likely to remain in your wardrobe for years. But it's also important to recognise that your cashmere requires a little more TLC when it comes to washing and storing, in comparison to cotton (pssst, head to our Cashmere Care Guide for our top tips!). In order to enjoy and benefit from the potential longevity of cashmere, make sure you take the right steps to care for it. Equally, not all cashmere is of the same quality, so make sure you’re buying quality cashmere!

With the right care, cashmere keeps its shape and quality for longer than cotton. Your favourite cashmere styles will stay in your wardrobe for years to come!


When it comes down to the cashmere vs cotton debate, it’s clear that quality cashmere is worth the price tag. It’s soft, warm - but not too warm - and durable, which is everything you want from an investment into your wardrobe. There’s no denying that there is a place for cotton too, which is also used to create beautiful styles.

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