Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas

One of the most wonderful times of the year unfortunately isn’t so wonderful for our precious environment! Mountains of unsustainable gift wrap and wasted materials mount up after the season, and the same effect occurs year on year…

Sustainable gift wrapping ideas are becoming more popular for environmentally-friendly shoppers, and we’ve researched some eco friendly gift wrapping tips to help you feel guilt-free this Christmas!

Sustainable Gift Wrapping Ideas:

1. Reuse delivery boxes

Many of us do a lot of our Christmas gift shopping online. Is your recycling box starting to get full?

Reusing these delivery boxes as gift boxes is a great way to remove the need to buy additional boxes or gift wrap, and you can decorate them with some of our eco friendly gift wrapping tips below!

Next time you go to flatten that delivery box, check whether it will work as part of your gift wrapping this year. 

2. Forage your own natural touches

Forget metallic gift bows and plastic ribbons, give your gifts a rustic and personal edge with some natural touches! Embrace your inner forager and collect some pine cones, cut some sprigs of rosemary, or add some cinnamon sticks to your wrapping, tying in place with some compostable twine!

Not only is this a great sustainable gift wrapping idea, but it looks (and smells!) beautiful too.

3. Don’t use tape

Tape is something you may not think twice about using, but some adhesive tape is bad for the environment in terms of how it is made and how it is disposed. Make sure to choose some biodegradable tape, or alternatively, why not try the tape-free method? 

Martha Stewart has offered a quick and easy guide to wrapping presents with only paper, scissors and a pen – no tape! All this method requires is some tactical folding – take a look here.

4. Use compostable wrapping materials

Although there are eco friendly alternatives to using tape, wrapping paper and ribbons, there are also eco friendly versions of these products. Recycled and recyclable wrapping paper, bags and boxes are an easy way to improve on your gifting. You can also purchase compostable tape and twine!

5. Recycle old cloths and clothes into ribbon

This eco friendly wrapping tip is a great way of finding a new use for cloths and clothes you no longer want or need! Cut them into ribbons and reuse them in your Christmas gifting this year. Everything from tea towels and tablecloths to t-shirts and scarves can be utilised with this method! Just make sure they’re clean first…

6. Re-use old gift bags

This method is a simple one. Save any gift bags and boxes you are gifted throughout the year, and re-use them in your own gifting later! This extends the lifecycle of these gift wrap products and also saves you time and money when it comes to gifting your friends and family.

Small changes and considerations can help to make a big difference to the environment – without compromising on the quality of your gifting!

We’re proud to say that 95% of the elements within our packaging and labelling are either recyclable or compostable. Not only can our boxes be reused in your gifting, but they are made from environmentally-friendly materials too!

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